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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

43 (3) 2015




Fish in the Burial Rite of Andronovo (Fedorovka) People, Based on Tartas-1 Cemetery

V.I. Molodin, I.A. Durakov, L.S. Kobeleva, and L.A. Koneva.

The article analyzes fi sh-remains from Andronovo (Fedorovka) and Krotovo-Andronovo burials at Tartas-1, Baraba forest-steppe, Western Siberia. These remains were found in the surface structures above the graves, in the infi ll of graves, and at the bottom of graves near human remains. Species and age composition, fi shing season, and number of individuals are estimated. Based on these fi ndings, inferences are made regarding the transformation of burial rites of the Andronovo (Fedorovka) migrants from the south, mirroring a shift from the traditional meat diet to that based on fi sh. Ideological changes related to the adaptation to a new environment are discussed.

Keywords: Baraba forest-steppe, Bronze Age, Andronovo (Fedorovka) culture, fi sh-remains, burial rite.