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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

43 (3) 2015




The First Systematic Excavations on Suchu Island and Radiocarbon Dates of the Site (1972)

A.P. Okladnikov , V.E. Medvedev, and I.V. Filatova.

The article presents unpublished fi ndings on the 1972 systematic excavations at a radiocarbon-dated Neolithic site on Suchu Island, Khabarovsk Region. Stratigraphy, dwellings associated with the Malyshevo culture (4th–3rd millennia BC), typological and functional properties of stone tools, cultural and chronological attribution of ceramics and of clay artifacts relating to art and ritual are discussed, with reference to parallels from other Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures of the region.

Keywords: Amur River, Suchu, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Malyshevo culture, Kondon culture, Voznesenovskoye culture, dwellings.