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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

41 (2) 2013




The Kulbulak Bladelet Tradition in the Upper Paleolithic of Central Asia

K.A. Kolobova, D. Flas, A.P. Derevianko, K.K. Pavlenok, U.I. Islamov, and A.I. Krivoshapkin.

The article describes lithic industries of the Upper Paleolithic levels of Kulbulak, Uzbekistan, a key site in southwestern Central Asia based on materials from excavations at several sites in the western and northwestern PamirTien Shan region (Kulbulak, Kyzyl-Alma-2, Dodekatym-2, and Shugnou). A new cultural and technological tradition is introduced, for which the authors suggest the name Kulbulakian. Its distinctive features are the bladelet technique and a microlithic set including backed pieces and triangular microliths. Stages in the evolution of the Kulbulakian tradition are reconstructed: origins, development, peak, and disappearance of the carinated technology. Industries belonging to this tradition have shaped the general appearance of the Upper Paleolithic in the area in question.

Keywords: Upper Paleolithic, bladelet production techniques, carinated technology, western Central Asia.